The Queenager Tribe

As a modern mentor to thousands of women and the founder of the Queenager Tribe, I understand that positive support for women going through a myriad of changes is needed more than ever. We as aging women need healthy role models to offer support in an often confusing time. I am passionate about sharing what it takes to feel your best, fearlessly embracing and redefining the process. With so much pressure to avoid aging, I want to help you proactively age with grace, confidence, and wisdom. 

‚Äʬ†Are you feeling confused by the aging process?

‚ÄĘ Surprised by how your body is changing?

‚Äʬ†Too often feeling disappointed, dismissed, or misunderstood by your doctors?

‚Äʬ†Feel alone in this and need to find your tribe?

‚Äʬ†Wondering how to navigate it all?


This empowering community is for you.

 The Queenager Tribe is a community of like-minded women led by Nancy Sacks, D.H.M. who is a trusted guide and expert in helping people, particularly women, transform and elevate their health and well-being; mind, body, and heart.


It is a thoughtful, creative space that offers both guidance and support with a reverence and celebration for aging well because we are not meant to do this alone.

This is a membership that offers...

♛   A Monthly "Royal Gathering" with Nancy on Zoom - meditation, teaching, discussion, and connection

♛   Monthly themes - curated content specific to aging well

♛   Private community forum - fosters meaningful dialogue with other women in a safe space

♛   Access to a library of supportive materials that includes meditations, podcasts, articles, book recommendations

♛   Discounts on online courses

Become a founding member before September 15, 2024 to maintain a special launch price of $20 per month and to be part of this community from the very beginning!

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Embrace this exciting chapter of your life with a supportive community by your side.