Age Like A Queen: Holistic Skincare Solutions

agewell Apr 17, 2024

One of the most common questions I receive is ‘How to achieve glowing, radiant skin holistically’. We all want that glowing, plump, youthful skin as we age, so I am here to share all the tried and true tricks I have!

First, the health of your skin begins within. Specifically, gut health is key when it comes to skin health. If your gut is imbalanced with dysbiosis, yeast, parasites, leaky gut, etc., I recommend resolving these first, as they can be the cause of acne, eczema and more rapid aging.

Secondly, your diet is extremely important. The glow in your skin comes from the food you are eating. I eat a more plant-centric diet, full of fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Focusing on whole foods found in nature, in their organic and intended form will make the biggest impact on the state of your skin. Eliminating processed foods, refined sugars and grains and as many preservatives/additives/food dyes will not only improve the quality of your skin, but also your internal health as well.

If you are looking to supplement on top of taking care of your gut health and eating nutritious foods, then I often recommend the following:


Supplement Recommendations

Collagen Powder

— a great option for boosting elasticity and nourishing the gut, skin and nails

— also found in bone broth, which is incredibly nutrient rich and skin supportive

Nutrient-Rich Oils

If you are feeling dry and optimal hydration isn’t enough, then you may need some oils! Here are some of my favorites:

— Omega 3’s: amazing for skin and brain health

— Evening Primrose Oil: helps with hormone health and hot flashes

— Flax Oil, Salmon, Nuts/Seeds (pumpkin, chia, hemp, sunflower) are all food-based sources of important oils


Keeping the gut happy is key!


Hair, Skin, Nail Vitamins

— Nutrafol

Hair Skin Nails by Pure Encapsulations

Hormone Support

Radiant Woman


Plain water doesn't truly hydrate you on the cellular level, it must be mineralized! If you’re feeling dehydrated, add minerals to your water one to two times daily.

— celtic sea salt

Pink Salt

CT Minerals


While glowing skin comes from within, it’s also important to pay attention to what you put on the skin topically. The skin is an organ, so whatever you put on it is absorbed into the body. Because of this, you want to choose ‘clean’ products that do not contain any endocrine disruptors which create hormonal chaos and burden the body with toxins.

Below are some of my current favorite clean products:


Topical Recommendations

Retinol serums: YG

Skin Probiotics: Derma Serum

Enzyme-Based Products: Epicurin

Vitamin C Serum

Mineral Sprays

Aloe: great for redness

Hormone cream (estrogen, progesterone, wild yam cream): can be applied to the face *not for menstruating women*

Overnight Face Mask: Babor